Students thesis associated with the CoPhyLab project.

PhD works

C. Kreuzig                 Comet physics experiments in the framework of the CoPhyLab (TUBS)

D. Haack                    Surface morphological evolution of dust-ice mixtures (DLR)


D. Bischoff              Tensile Strength of organic materials (TUBS)

C. Kreuzig               Simulation of cometary surfaces in the laboratory (TUBS)

T. Gilke                    Sublimation of dust-ice mixtures (TUBS)

N. Molinski              Particle tracking in the framework of the CoPhyLab experiments (TUBS)

M. Schweighart      Gas flow through porous media with regard to comets and asteroids (IWF)

Sunny Laddha        Modelling of gas flow in porous granular media (IWF)


D. Bischoff                Sublimation and dust emission (TUBS)

T. Gilke                        Albedo of planetary surfaces (TUBS)

T. Glißmann             Monte-Carlo-Simulation of the radiative transport through porous media (TUBS)

Moritz Goldmann – „Sublimation of dust-ice mixtures“ (TUBS)

Nathan Grundmann – „Experimental study of layering of comet analogue samples“ (TUBS)

Student Interns

Niklas Grimmich      Production of ice pebbles (TUBS)

Katharina Lammers Modelling of particle packing in support of gas flow modelling (TUBS)

Dorothea Bischoff, „Tensile Strength of ice samples“ (TUBS)

Nick Stallmann, „Development of new illumination systems“ (TUBS)

Andreas Bodenstein, „Thermal simulation of the CoPhyLab insulation system“ (TUBS)

Noah Molinski, „Development of a particle tracking camera system“ (TUBS)

Simon Töpfer, „Thermal conductivty measurements “ (TUBS)

Rebecca Diethelm, „Thermal properties of the CoPhyLab dust“ (TUBS)

Michael Haas, „Activity of ice-dust mixtures“ (TUBS)